About Selnet

Our network of Mentors and Affiliates can provide a full set of services to new and existing businesses.

Our main focus is on funding solutions for entrepreneurs and investment solutions for angels and private investors.

Business Planning

Cloud Business Planning and Financial Forecasting Tools from Venture Hothouse

Patronomy is delighted to Partner with Venture Hothouse, the software development company behind 'Fund My Business' (FMB) who have also joined the Patronomy Mentor Program

If you are, or are working with an entrepreneur, start-up or existing business and you want to raise funding either through, Angel Investment, Crowd Funding, Bank finance, VC, Grant, or other sources, using the FMB Cloud-Based Business Planning & Financial Forecasting Tools will significantly increase your chances of raising the finance you need.

Private Wealth Management


Selnet is a partner of MB Private Wealth Management.

MBPWM & our partners provide a secure online gateway to a selected and unique range of alternative investment funds and compliant tax efficient strategies that are widely recognised as an essential part of any investment portfolio, offering better than average returns matched with high levels of transparency and without the volatility of traditional market correlated investments.

Covering close to 50 countries, our global team of highly experienced financial professionals and wealth managers are dedicated to providing an exceptional service to all our clients, taking the time to research your situation completely, bringing about the most effective opportunities, ensuring you get the successful outcome you are seeking with full understanding and a high focus on liquidity and investor security.

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Crowd Funding


With a slew of crowdfunding sites springing up, what makes us different?

Any new business has to define itself and this applies as much to us as the projects we will host campaigns for.

We want your funding experience not only to succeed but to be as easy as possible. Not only do we accept a wider range of projects than most sites, but we are flexible to listen to our customers' requests, suggestions and complaints and to act on them as quickly as possible.

We offer a range of campaign types that can be tailored to your individual projects.

We are enabling many thousands of affiliates to promote your projects to the widest possible audience, while giving you the tools to reach and incentivise your own network.

We can offer added value services, such as PR, product, financial and management consultancy, sourcing, logistics and much more.

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The bottom line is "We want to help you"



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